@Mayoremanuel… Person.

It ended with a bang not a whimper when he departed. Questions flew over the internet, attempting to discover who the tweeter responsible for @mayoremanuel was. The Chicago Tribune‘s editorial board went so far as to plead with him to stay.

Last Monday he was finally revealed  as Columbia College professor Dan Sinker, in an article by Alexis Madrigal for the Atlantic Monthly. Sinker, the former founder of the zine “Punk Planet”, claimed he didn’t know why he started tweeting, as he told the Atlantic Monthly:

“I remember I was at home. I think everyone had gone to bed. And I remembered, ‘Oh, I have that account. This might be kind of funny.'”

Sinker did irk local reporters by revealing his identity to a writer from outside the Chicago market. Sinker explained why he went about it the way in an interview with Esquire:

[Alexis Madrigal] wrote back with a pretty funny reply, and then included his e-mail address. I thought about it for a while. I knew that I really needed the hunt for me to be over, and so I set up an anonymous e-mail account and started fking with him for a day basically.


The story concluded, not with @mayoremanuel fading away, but with Sinker and Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel meeting.  The promised $5000 was presented to Sinker which will be used towards Young Chicago Authors


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